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Barbara Kaplan
Barbara Kaplan
IFDA Past President
Allied ASID

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Home Consultations

  • Does your environment nurture and support you?
  • Does your home function for you?
  • Is your home soothing and in harmony with the life that you lead?
  • What objectives are important to you and your family?

    Business Consultations

  • Is image important in how you are presented to your clients?
  • Are your employees happy to come to work every day?
  • How does your environment contribute to the attitude of your clients/customers/employees?
  • Does your office function for all existing needs?

    Bajaro Groups
    3 to 9 people meeting in each home to encourage & guide design choices with a Bajaro Facilitator

    The Bajaro Interior Design Resource Center
    Coming Soon

    Interior Design Certifications & Book Signings
    Call for dates:
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