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Barbara Kaplan
Barbara Kaplan
IFDA Past President
Allied ASID

 My Philosophy | The Power of Emotional Design 
all rooms need your emotions

The goal is to help my clients express their feelings in a design mode. My understanding of how interior design truly works through intense personal discovery.

That became my starting point. With my newfound knowledge and self-confidence, I know I had to connect with myself before I could connect with anyone else personally and professionally. These experiences led me to redecorate my mental and spiritual home.

It was then I understood -- rooms have no feelings, I do! As a healing professional, my wholeness increases with each project I work on. There is a psychology underlying the process of decorating and the core of the psychology is YOU.

Experience has taught me that people hold themselves back from discovering what they really want and need. Authenticity is the freedom that releases us from our self-imposed fears of making a mistake.

We really do have the power to change and live our definitions of design. We have to differentiate between really liking something and just identifying with it. Confusion happens when we don't understand why we like something.

• To set your personal energy into motion -- and begin change

• To build health-inspired environments -- for comfort and peace

• To remove fears that might limit your choices -- so you can express your authentic self