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Barbara Kaplan
Barbara Kaplan
IFDA Past President
Allied ASID

 Welcome to | "Rooms Have No Feelings, You Do" 
my interior design method

This philosophy, contained on my website and in my book, has been learned in three decades of working in the design industry -- much of which happened during my personal journey to self-discovery. Once you understand what is meant by "Rooms Have No Feelings, You Do," you will see how the Bajaro Method can help you avoid expensive mistakes, prevent buyer's remorse, and most all, create your own personal healing environments -- all without self-doubt.

Too often we live where necessity dictates either for convenience to our job or simply for budgetary issues. Within this context are an abundance of choices that can personalize your living/working spaces. I would like to serve as your catalyst to make that happen.

The Bajaro Method (cover) When you accept that you possess the capability to express your authentic self, you are on the way to creating healing soul spaces. Think of this as a voyage. I'll be with you every step of the way as your personal design strategist/coach.

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